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Exciting News!! My First Contribution Article is Published!!

In the beginning stages of my blog, there was an idea and key points that I wanted to cover. The main objective was simple… share good food that anyone would love, BUT that anyone with a gluten allergy could eat. The other important thing to me was to share quick and easy recipes and tips to help busy parents, families and professionals eat good food. 

So, when I was in the creation phase of my blog, I joined several groups to help me figure out how to do it all. One day, a post was made in one of my groups by a woman that created a women’s entrepreneur magazine that was looking for several types of business owners to contribute articles to her magazine, including a food blogger.  I didn’t have a blog name, logo or even a web address for a blog, but I figured that if I was going to do this, I needed to jump in with both feet! I didn’t want to miss an opportunity just because I didn’t feel completely ready.  So, I submitted an idea. I knew my topic would help women and moms that were busy entrepreneurs, but I did not expect her to actually pick me!! Agh!!

Well, I couldn’t go back and say, “Just kidding!” HaHaHa So, I pulled a blog and a contributing article together! The idea that I submitted was “Guidelines for Quick and Easy Meals.” Here’s the link for the MOMpreneur Success magazine (my article is on page 21). 

I couldn’t be more proud and excited about my first contributing article as a food blogger. I am a foodie that wants to help other crazy busy juggling people like me get better food on the table. Not just for themselves, but to also teach the kids of today how to eat when they are adults. I hope this article will help with that.

And for those that aren’t interested in looking through the magazine, you can get my guidelines for quick and easy meals here!


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